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Asset Finance

Access easy and simplified cash flow to acquire business legitimate tools (vehicles & equipments) through Asset Finance.

Access easy and simplified cash flow to acquire business legitimate tools (vehicles & equipment) through Asset Finance. No need to outright put all your money on buying assets. Rent and let them pay for themselves. Choosing Asset Finance buys your business more time to repay the loan and prevents capital strain on the business.

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What is Asset Finance?

Asset Finance is a simple yet effective way to get loans for expensive business-required machinery and equipment. It provides businesses the opportunity to rent said purchases without having to shell out all the cash for acquisition all at once. An asset finance is a fairly straightforward and flexible instrument to borrow funds for your business purchase needs.

Asset finance can be utilised as a short-term funding solution to help a company enhance cash flow and manage day-to-day expenses. There are numerous advantages to employing asset-based financing. Asset finance is used by many firms to assist pay for expenses such as staff wages and supplier invoices, as well as to support development ambitions. It’s a popular option since it’s safe and flexible; after all, you’re borrowing money against assets you already own.

Asset finance, on the other hand, is employed by organisations that need to replace or upgrade their existing equipment. Both asset financing options help organisations enhance cash flow and save money in the long run. Any sort of UK business, from small start-ups to major international enterprises, can use it.

Asset Finance greatly minimizes the financial pressure on the borrower by limiting the repayment rates in proportion to cash flow. to growth.

Key Benefits of Asset Finance

Asset Finance offers many advantages over traditional forms of credit loans. As the industry is still getting acquainted with it, its rising popularity ensures more borrowers and lenders partake in the cash fund pool.

Minimal Default Risk

With minimal interest rates, the chances of defaulting on the payback are very less since repayments on agreed interest rates are done automatically on the earned revenue.

Nominal Interest Rates

Bases on the loan amount, certain interest rates shall be applicable. Repayments can be separated over several months or years for hassle-free returns. Other than interest rates, no hidden service or charge whatsoever while borrowing from a lender through asset finance.

Quick Cash Access

Lenders can quickly assess the turnover of the borrower through previous transaction history and release funds quickly. Asset Finance sees the highest number of applications across many financial options.

Key Benefits of Asset Finance

Following are the key requirements to access Asset Finance in the UK:

  • UK trading business with a UK-based bank account.
  • Turnover over at least £10,000.
  • LLPs (limited companies, limited liability partnerships) or registered sole UK-based traders.
  • Active business operations documents.

Small and medium-sized businesses can apply for Asset Finance Benefits if they adhere to the above standards and certain lenders’ terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over a period of one year to seven year, one may avail repayments under the asset finance option. 

Asset Finance caters to all types and sizes of industries in the UK. You can take advantage of asset finance for hire purchases, finance leases, asset refinance, construction, gym equipment and many more. 

A good credit score is a criterion for funding via Asset Finance. This is because it reduces the lenders' risk from the habitual defaulters. Some lenders, however, may allow you to borrow asset finance even with a bad credit score, but mostly at the cost of an increased factor rate.

Asset Finance does require you to furnish a security or collateral tied to land or property to avail of its benefits. 

These are our key finance options that are favorites among the borrowers.

  • Unsecured Business Finance
  • Property FInance
  • Recovery Loan Scheme
  • Revolving Credit Facility
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